Commercial Bay, Shop 19, Ground Floor, 7 Queen Street
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All about Scotch & Soda Auckland

Located in Commercial Bay, we have opened our first New Zealand standalone store. We love to work with the history and architecture we’re moving into- absorbing the rich heritage into a unique but recognisable store design – and we are very excited to be part of Auckland CBD’s new home of fashion.

Meet the Fashion Host - Lili

Describe your style in 3 words?

Effortless, chic and versatile.

Why is Scotch & Soda unique to you?

Scotch & Soda is unique to me because our designs are inspired by the things I love; fashion, art, music and travel. I believe what sets us apart is the way our designers tell stories through the use of colours, prints and textures to express and celebrate individuality. 

What do you love most about working with Scotch & Soda?

It’s our very first flagship store in New Zealand! The Auckland team is very excited to share the stories behind each and every collection. The iconic aesthetic of the shop, along with our signature Barfly fragrance, makes the experience to shop and work there an enjoyable one. I love working with beautiful garments, by using my styling experience I’m able to assist our customers in finding the perfect outfit. It’s always rewarding to see returning customers wearing Scotch & Soda.

When it comes to styling, what matters to you?

You simply have to love what you’re wearing! Be adventurous and try new silhouettes and colour palettes. It makes my day when customers discover something new and fall in love with pieces that they initially didn’t consider.

What is your go-to Scotch & Soda iconic piece?

My go-to iconic piece would be our Haut High-Rise Skinny Denim. A staple piece for the wardrobe to dress up or down depending on the occasion. 

What is your favourite summer uniform?

In summer, it’s all about bright colours and a bit of fun. I’d go for a statement printed shirt paired with our classic denim.

What is your preferred winter uniform?

In winter, I would definitely pick our alpaca wool blend sweater, it’s so soft and warm! I’d also choose a tailored blazer or coat for the extra layer