About Scotch & Soda

We are a team of passionate discoverers and collectors, scouring the globe for a painting, poem, vintage piece, ruin or artefact that sparks our never-ending curiosity and creativity.

These treasures uncovered on worldly wanders are poured into our collections and signature looks that clash eras and mesh unexpected fabrics or patterns. We aim to take our customers on a romantic, thrilling journey of endless fun and fascination.

We love to make garments that suit every individual and we want people to love their clothes but more importantly, enjoy wearing them. Our Stylists and Fashion Hosts are submersed in the fashion world, taking their love and passion for clothing into an authentic experience for each of our customers. We invest in our products but equally we invest in our people.


Joining Scotch & Soda

Joining Scotch & Soda:

Scotch & Soda have developed a welcoming and innovative environment, in which every employee is encouraged to share their ideas and explore themselves through fashion. As a company if you ask us to pinpoint what makes us special and claim our own space in this world, we'd narrow it down to our four core values that are embodied in every Scotch & Soda employee.


We are curious about the world. We hunt high and low in the search for the authentic - unique finds that deserve exploring, protecting, cherishing, celebrating and redefining.

Stories of discovery

The art of storytelling. It's alive in our products and our experiences and we tell them with love and care; in a way that will keep you hooked.

Thoughtful detailing

We pay attention to the details because thoughtful craftsmanship is the mark of care and quality. We study the classics in order to give them our own unique spin. We encourage our employees to push conventional boundaries and create remarkable ideas, inspiring and encouraging every team member to improve their work and make their mark.

Liberal thinking

We embrace the liberal mindset of our hometown, Amsterdam, where people are free to explore the world around them and themselves as individuals. This gives rise to boundless creativity.

To help our employees thrive in their roles, we provide comprehensive inductions; product training; professional development opportunities; competitive reward schemes; generous product discounts and allowances as well as performance awards.

The Scotch & Soda brand is growing globally, with over 200 flagship stores and found in over 8,000 doors including leading department stores and independents. Exploring your career with Scotch & Soda is a rewarding experience and if you’re interested in joining the family, please visit the ‘Register Your Interest Here’ link.